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it is 6:00 on a friday morning and we've left the
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comfy confines of the studio to head out. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour. we are in fantastic poolesvilleing maryland for this edition of hometown fridays. fox 5 morning news at 6:00 starts right now. very we are in fantastic poolesville, maryland. >> we give a big welcome on this friday morning. a beautiful sunrise and we are in northwestern n that this montgomery county. it is week number four for our hometown fridays and we're very happy to be with some of the good folks here in poolesville, maryland. already some folks coming out to say hi to us this morning. >> we are about an hour away from the nation's capital. technically, 35 miles from the white house. but this world out here is a world away from the hustle and bustle of the nation's capital. this area was founded on farming. while agriculture might not be the mainstay anymore, the charm
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of rural life remains. >> you can get here about 45 minutes from downtown washington if you don't have traffic to deal with. we have quite a bit coming up including the big history of this small town. we'll tap into the expertise of a couple of local historians including one woman who has lived through nearly an entire century here. it will be fun to talk with her about how the small town has changed. almost the entire news team is here this morning. gurvir is here all and will take us inside the oldest home. we'll get a tour of something you don't see anymore. it is a school house. the seneca school house. it was built back in 1880. we will take a look at a typical day. >> three modern schools here now. also at 7:00, we'll meet a man who has made it his life's work
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to bring that past up into the present. we are talking about the historic white's ferry which is not that far from here. we talk about it all the time. we will find out more about the history of it and how they've been able to overcome some of of the floods and things they've seen. at #:00, we have more for you. a picture becomes a modern nap shot -- at 8:00. this is from 50, 60 years ago. poolesville made national headlines for a photo in national geographic magazine. we'll rereal estate -- we'll recreate that photo. and also, in small town usa, lots of great stories to be told. i had the pleasure of visiting the sugar land community. it was founded by freed slaves a couple of years after emancipation in 1871.
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so we'll take a look back at the descendants who are trying to keep that history alive. >> that will be extra interesting and exciting. we have some pets running around as well in front of the camera. we have four-legged friends and some two-legged friend who have come out including some youngsters here. allison mentioned that gurvir is here. she will have another look at some of the history. >> in the meantime, tony perkins is out here with us too. we can see him right across there and we'll say good morning to tony. good morning. >> good morning. it will be just a wonderful day. a warm day in poolville and across the washington area but we are off to a good start this morning. temperature right around 70 degrees here in poolesville at this hour. downtown, we are at 78 degrees. the story today, the heat and because of the heat, we've got a heat advisory that goes into effect for pretty much the entire viewing area at noon today. it lasts until 9:00 tonight. that is because the temperatures are well into the 90s. the upper 90s as a matter of fact and the humidity is going
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to feel like it is up to 105 degrees this afternoon. so that heat advisory goes into effect at noon for washington, d.c., baltimore, annapolis, leesburg and here in poolesville as well. here is a look at the current temperatd.c. 80degrees in annapolis. 70 in gaithersburg. 70 here in poolesville. 73 at quantico and fredericksburg is at 75 degrees. your forecast for today, i'll bet can you figure it out. it will be another hot one. mostly sunny. heat advisory in effect. humid as well. high downtown about 98 degrees. the record for today is 101 degrees. i don't think we'll get there but we'll get awfully close. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. we'll have more from poolesville coming up in just a little bit. let's get updated on the roadways with lauren demarco. >> make sure you guys are drinking plenty of water out there. as you travel inbound 270, we have delays out of frederick
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headed towards hyattstown. 95 north on the brakes all the way up through woodbridge. once again to lorton, things look better up towards springfield. 395 northbound, we do have a very nice trip across the 14th street bridge. a little bit of difficulty with folks trying to merge in from the left but things do look pretty good as you continue into the district. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> good morning. have a look at your top stories now. authorities in prince george's county are investigating what appears to be a double drowning. police say 59-year-old david massey jumped into his neighbor's backyard pool in up are marlboro to save his 12- year-old nephew who had been visiting from bowie. the boy apparently climbed over a neighbor's seven-foot fence and got into the pool. by the time emergency crews arrived, it was too late. no word on whether either knew how to swim. a warning to be careful while entering and exiting metro stations. a 4-year-old girl visiting from tennessee fell, got her hand
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caught in the side of the escalator at the l'enfant plaza metro. witnesses say she screamed for about two minutes before her family was able to free her hand which was badly injured. more is investigating whether the incident triggered the escalator's built-in safety shutoff or if metro workers had to shut it down. let's go back out to alson and steve. they are live in poolesville, maryland this morning. the latest in our hometown fridays tour. good morning, guys. >> good morning. thank you so much. i want to tell you a little bit about the area where we are today, poolesville, maryland. it officially became a town with that name back in 1867. but its roots go back much farther of course. members of the poole family were buying up land around here and building homes and stores as early as 1759. poolesville did find itself playing a critical role in the civil war much like leesburg where we went on our first
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hometown friday a few weeks back. poolesville's history was pretty much centered on the fact that it is close to the potomac river and not just close but close to a shallow river crossing. that he had it a key target. town occupied by union and con federal forces throughout the civil war. -- confederate forces throughout the civil war. >> in the last century, poolesville was hit with three devastating fires. later this morning, we'll introduce you to some of the heroes, men who helped found the local volunteer fire department. lots coming up including a little fun too. i seat dunking booth being set up over here. >> i wonder would willened will jrs -- i wonder who will
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end up in that. we'll check the big stories including what is happening on capitol hill with charlie rangel. will have more on that coming up.
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a storm heading for the gulf is making headlines this morning. the coast guard is ordering ships to leave the spill site before tropical storm bonnie arrives. that means engineers will not be able to monitor the underwater cap. the rough weather is still hundreds of miles away but the governor of louisiana has already declared a state of emergency. trouble for new york congressman charles rangel. a house panel has charged him with multiple ethics violations. sources tell the associated press the allegations include misuse of rent-controlled apartments in new york city and failure to disclose financial information. rangel will now face a trial in the house. he maintains he is innocent. next, we are checking back in with the crew in poolesville, maryland this morning for our hometown fridays tour. let's get live to allison and steve for a look at what is coming up next. >> thank you. >> we have music in the background here and when we come back, we'll hand off this
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to tony. he will talk to some local musicians already out this morning. >> they got an early start this morning. they were already warming up when we got here. we'll listen to them. >> look at tuck are. that is tucker too. >> he is kind of just faking it. 
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welcome back to poolesville, maryland this morning and we want to say good morning to all the folks who came out early. we have a great crowd on hand already. >> i love that. right now, it is a little humid. i gelled up my hair today. we are about to enter into some real dangerous weather. right now, it is okay. >> i was real happen -- happy to be driving over here and see
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the temperature in the car was at 60. i don't know if that was true or not. >> it may have been true. the report we have is that currently right here, it is about 70, 71 degrees in poolesville. so not too bad. the humidity is up there about 78% as allison was saying but it is warmer down in the district with the urban heat island effect. it is 78 degrees there. it is going to get hot here. >> and in a hurry. i think in the next couple of hours, temperatures will quickly jump to the 80s. >> that is why we have the heat advisory. heat advisory goes into effect today at noon. it will remain in effect until 9:00 tonight. there is an excessive heat watch in effect for tomorrow. the heat advisory in effect for today, noon until 9:00 p.m. this is because we expect it to feel like it is up to about 105 degrees in the city and in most of the counties that you see there depicted in the advisory. current temperatures around the region, like i said, we're
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about 71-degree here. 78-degree in the district. 74% humidity. winds are out of the north. it is calm right now. barr metric pressure is steady. high pressure building in. tucker, we have a tropical storm. >> tropical storm bonnie. maximum winds, 40 miles per hour. we have tropical storm warnings for south central florida, the florida keys and it looks like the path of the storm over the next couple of days will be in the gulf of mexico and then maybe west of new orleans as we get into the end of the weekend. they have now extent the the tropical storm warnings to include the northern gulf. not expected to intensify a whole lot but still a tropical storm in the wrong part of the world this time of the year. right now, the storm is centered about 155 miles southeast of miami. we'll update that for you throughout the course of the morning. here is the forecast today and the next five days. can you guess mostly sunny hot an humid. high about 98 degrees. the record for today is 101.
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tomorrow, we do expect to break the record, the old record for the day, 96 degrees. we are expecting 100-degree tomorrow. temperatures remain in the low 90s during the course of the beginning of next week. behind me, the guy that you were jamming with, you don't play guitar, do you? >> i little bit. >> i moon a very little bit gentleman you were believable. this is brian gross, a resident here in poolesville, been playing guitar for some 30 years. he is really good. we'll have a whole lot of mousse you can provided for us throughout the course of the morning. -- we'll have a whole lot of music provided for us throughout the course of the morning. let's find out what is going on with traffic. we go to lauren demarco. >> we are starting to see delays build out of manassas. we do have volume at the vienna metro but things look good from
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nutley street in toward the beltway. from germantown, very nice trip southbound down toward the split. 95 northbound, we do have some volume building as you head up from 123 through woodbridge. here we are on the beltway in prince george's county. very, very nice and light. no delays for report approaching the wilson bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. we are in poolesville, maryland this morning where it is not just allison and myself but we pretty brought everybody out here today. >> tony and tucker are here and gurvir is here as well at the john poole house and she will join us with a look at some the of the other historic buildings. we love these historical towns. >> reporter: suitly. i walked over and i said oh, my gosh, i love it. how hasn't towns can really say they have one of the original buildings to that community. poolesville can certainly say that about the john poole house. it was built in 1793. the original part of it is
6:21 am
become here behind me. it is the log part of it. so coming up a little bit later o we'll talk more about the john poole house. this is the reason poolesville is actually called poolesville. we'll find out about the fact that this ways mercantile store. we'll talk about the fact that poolesville played a crucial role some civil war history. we'll find out all about that as our hometown fridays continues on this friday morning from poolville, maryland. we are back right after this. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg,
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this is a live look in poolesville, maryland where we are continuing our hometown fridays series. we'll check back in with the rest of the crew a little bit later on this morning.
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now, topping this morning's business beat, president obama has signed a bill that will he can tend unemployment benefits for millions of out of work americans. it will restore benefits to those who have been unemployed for six months or more. most republicans did not support the move because it will add $34 billion to the nation's already soaring debt. wal-mart is causing some controversy with a new inventory system. next month, it will start using radio frequency i. d. tag that will be placed on individual wraps of clothing. employees can scan the tag and find found out how much of each item is in stock. the tags are removable but can not be turned off and can be tracked. a new government report says northwest airlines failed to follow faa safety orders repeatedly over the course of more than a decade and the airline was not punished by the faa. the report confirms allegations
6:26 am
brought forward by a whistle- blower who was an inspector for the faa. he says managers allowed the airline to voluntarily disclose its violations in exchange for avoiding penalties and fines. fox 5 morning news on the road again this morning. with live in poolesville, maryland for our hometown fridays tour. lets aget live to allison and steve for a look at what is ahead. good morning, guys. >> thank you so much. >> good morning. much more including the history of this wonderful town. we'll talk to the unofficial first lady of poolesville and a local historian about just what this town means to the area. >> we'll talk with the official tony perkins to get a look at the forecast. i wish we could keep it the conditions that we have right now. it is an absolutely beautiful morning here in poolesville. fox 5 morning news continues.
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welcome back to poolesville, maryland. we are so happy to be here. we are peteing a lot of good folks. a lot of them are right behind there. it feels like the beginning of a weekend. >> the town has such great history. it goes back to colonial days and very important during the sufficiently war day as well. a lot of folks up early and a lot of energy. >> we are all in wayland common this is morning including tony perkins. we can see him right across yond are right over there. >> right over yonder. >> i'm at the band shell where we've got brian playing some more. we'll have pore music, some blues music from some local folks a little bit later on this morning and some entertainment from the entire crowd. come on down and see us. wave got folks with food trucks and everything here. so a great turnout here in poolesville. it will be a warm morning.
6:31 am
right now, very pleasant. it is humid but the temperatures about 70, 71 degrees here. reagan national at 78. lull des international at 71 degrees. bwi marshall is at 74 degrees at this hour. the temperature trend for the next few days, it will get even hotter. yesterday, we were up at about 95, 96 degrees. today, we are looking at 98. that is almost 10 degrees above normal. tomorrow, we are projecting a high of 100 degrees. we will have a heat advisory at some point. monday, a little bit of sweet relief but only in the form of temperatures in the lower 90s. and it looks like things warp up again towards the end of next week. here we go for today. heat advisory goes into effect at noon. mostly sunny skies today. looking if a high temperature of about 98 degrees.
6:32 am
we'll have more details on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. tucker barnes is here as well. we'll talk to him and more. we'll fin out what is happening on the roads for that. -- we'll find out what is happening on the roads for that with lauren demarco. >> through the mixing bowl in springfield, some delays starting to build here. we have slow traffic making the trip up through woodbridge. # 95 look okay, brief slow snow getting across the 14th street bridge into the district. folk having a little bit of trouble merging in as well. we do have the new traffic pattern under way here. if you are traveling inbound route 50, we have some slow traffic from florida avenue towards first street. here we are taking a look at the beltway as you head around both the inner and outer loops in virginia between merrifield and annandale. you should find the lanes are open and moving well. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. new this morning, a deadly
6:33 am
accident in prince george's county. it happened on william beans road in upper marlboro last night. splits say it was a single vehicle crash. one person was thrown from the car and died. another person was critically injured. some big help for struggling home owners is on the way. a free mortgage modification event is happening it at the washington convention center. it is being touted as an around the clock opportunity to get affordable financing but not all customers have been satisfied with it. sherry ly joins us outside the convention center where people have been camping out overnight for this. >> good morning. it has been a long fight for the folk here. they are calling this a 4 hour awe day saveathon. it is part of the neighborhood assistance corporation of america. this has been held across the
6:34 am
country to try to help struggling home owners modify their mortgages. we have people lined up from the front of the building. that line goes down the street here and all of them are trying to get into this event where the doors open at 9:00 a.m. we are told there are at least 1,000 people already in line. naca says it expects about 40,000 to other thousand people over the eight-day event which ends on july 0th. the company claims it has reduced mortgages for thousands of people, some by more than $1,000 a month. some home owners across the country have found these events too good to be true. the better business bureau has 136 complaints in the last months. most of the complaints have been resolved but not all of those customers were satisfied. still, company does have thousands of customers across the country who credit naca with saving their homes and the company representative today did tell me that they are not going to be able to work things out for everyone but in many of
6:35 am
the cases, they can. now, the company will have hundreds of counselors in the convention center during this event who work with all of the major lenders and they will help process and modify these mortgages on the spot. it could take several hours for people waiting if line getting inside but in the end, a lot of people feel this is worth it. that is why there are so many people out here. there is a nonprofit organization doing it and the services are free. live at the convention center, sherrily. back to you. >> good news for a lot of people out there. thank you. a look at this morning's other top stories. authorities in prince george's county are investigating what appears to be a double drowning. police say 59-year-old david massy jumped into his neighbor's back with regard pool in upper memorialboro to save his 12-year-old nephew. boy apparently climbed over the fence and got into the pool. by the time emergency crews arrived, it was just too late.
6:36 am
no word on whether either knew how to swim eastchester a warning to be careful while entering and exiting metro stations. a 4-year-old girl visiting from tennessee fell and got her hand caught in the side of the escalator. witnesses say she screamed for about two minutes before her family was able it free her hand which was badly injured. the escalator was shut down for the rest of the day and metro is investigating whether the incident triggered the escalator's built-in safety shutoff or if metro workers had to shut it down. spill operations in the gulf of mexico are on hold this morning. ships around the site were ordered to evacuate ahead of tropical storm bonnie. bp is confident the underwater cap will be okay. the coast guard says the storm could delay operations by another 12 days. now, let's head back out to steve and allison approximate poolesville, maryland. sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun out there.
6:37 am
>> we are having a ball in poolesville today. steve is out martin luther king -- steve is out mingling with some folks. i'm here. i have with me ray who wrote the book poolesville, 6 years. and the first lady of poolesville being maryland is here. good morning to both of you. let's start with you. you are the official first lady and you come by that naturally. your husband was a long-time mayor here in this wonderful community. tell us about poolesville. >> poolesville is a wonderful little town. i was born and raised near dickerson but my roots are very deep here in poolesville. >> i imagine a lot has changed. >> oh, many changes. i'm 90 years old and i've seen lots and lots of changes in our lifetime.
6:38 am
>> this is the thing. when you look as good as ms. scott. you don't care about telling your age. >> it doesn't make a bit of different to me. >> i asked you were you born and raised here and you said no, jut about 40 years. >> you can you can claim that you are a local. >> i will be accepted in another 10, 15 years. >> give it a little time. >> for sure. >> you've didn't your research. this used to be a community centered on agriculture. tell us about that. >> it related very much to agriculture and much of the commerce of the town involved interactions with farmers selling supplies and that sort of thing. but today, of course, we still have that great impact of agriculture. we are sound surrounded by something called the agricultural reserve. the reserve limits the amount of land that can be developed, home that can be developed and in effect isolates us in the
6:39 am
right way as we see things, make us a community that interacts with the agricultural reserve but also provides a rich part of our culture. we as you town are committed -- we as a town are exited and our citizens and officials to a town population of around # 500. we are now up to around 5300, 5400 we expect to come plate that growth within a couple of years. while it is in our dna to stay small, i don't want to miss this opportunity to let the viewers know that we still are in the process of building about 400 homes and for any small would-be businessperson being we would like to think that poolesville fully grown to 6500 would be a great community to consider relocating. >> i love that. you don't have to sell me on it. what a beautiful community. and i'll ask you, just in the
6:40 am
time growing up, we've seen the small towns be little extra digs that pop up. your name is an old one here in town. there is elgin road named after your family. there is something called what is it the groundhog -- >> when i was a child, the groundhogs had a play pitch and there was another team atson canada and they were the pole cats and there was one in rockville and they had a competition and played pitch. >> just awe nice way to grow up. >> yeah. >> you have something in your lap and can't help but wonder would has for. >> we thought we would like to you have one of the finest delicacies that we can think of. i want to presented to you on behalf of us and the town of poolesville, the best which
6:41 am
arey pie that you will ever eat. and he won recently the local pie-baking contest. >> is that right? >> we all stand in line when dot bakes something. >> i'll take this back and let them stand if line at the fox 5 studios. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for tempting us a little bit about the history of where we are today in poolesville. and gurvir is at the poole home. she joins us now. good morning. >> good morning. we are at the john poole house. poolesville had such a rich history during the civil war. a lot of people said this was a treasonous town. we'll find out more about that when our friday series continues from poolesville, maryland coming up after the break. imagine if it were this easy to spot the good guys.
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president obama has sign awed bill that will he can tebd you be employment benefits for millions of out of work americans. it will restore benefits to those who have been unemployed for six months or more. most republicans did not support the move because they say it will add $34 billion to the nation's already soaring debt. president obama says the usda secretary jumped the gun when he decided to fire agriculture department employee shirley sherrod. tom vilsack hired sherrod over her comments on race which had been posted on onlined and were taken out of con tech because her full speech was not shown. president obama called sherrod yesterday and apologized. he urged her to under return to work with the usda. fox 5 morning news back on the road again for hometown fridays. let's check back in with the crew in poolesville, maryland. good morning, guys.
6:46 am
>> good morning. >> good morning. well, you know, as we do around this time every day in the studio, there is ask the weather guy. so we thought we would just take that with us on the road. >> you know what question before right now. >> where are the weather guys. we lost them in this crowd of impeachment which is great to have everybody out here with us this morning in poolesville but when you have a lot of people, it is hard to keep track of everybody. so if you can hear us, take it away. >> you know, i just mentioned i want to do a little farming. we don't have any idea what we're farming but before a big tractor here. >> isn't this gorgeous. >> fields and fields of corn and it looked like soybeans. >> that wouldn't be corn. >> that would be short to be corn. >> if that is corn, not a good looking crop. tucker, you can ride the tracteddor. pan off to the right. i'll take the other vehicle there. >> i'll race you at the end of the day.
6:47 am
>> very had nice rides out here. -- there are some nice rides out here. heat effect goes into effect at noon today. it lasts until 9:00 tonight. let me show you the area it covered. it includes washington, d.c., baltimore, all the counteddies that you see there. annapolis, cambridge being front royal, frederick all under this heat advisory because later on today, it should feel like it is up to $105 degrees. current temperatures around the region, we remain at 78 degrees in the district. here in poolesville, it is 70 degrees currently. 62348 manassas. 80 in annapolis, 74 in baltimore. spread rickburg coming in at 75 degrees. we've got a tropical storm this morning. it is tropical storm bonnie. >> yeah, maximum winds now 40 miles per hour. it is moving from they good here off to the west-northwest. we have tropical storm warnings including the skis and now the northern gulf has a tropical storm watch. look at that path. it look like it takes it right where we don't want it into the northern gulf by the end of the
6:48 am
weekend. we've got to watch it carefully here over the next couple of days. >> here a look at the five-day forecast. high today -- the high temperature today in town in d.c. we are looking if a high of about 98 degrees, mostly sunny. about a 0% chance of a late day or evening shower or thunderstorm. those would be pop up showers and thunderstorms. 100-degree the projected high for tomorrow. that is officially shattering a record if we reach that. next week, we are still in the 90s. tucker barnes, guess what it is time for, act weather guys. the live edition here in poolesville being maryland. there it is. we have the graphics and everything. there it is. today appear question is from michael breen who wants to know what does it mean when they say the dog days of summer
6:49 am
and why do they recover to as a dog. great question, michael. on the way up here, tuck are was theorizing and just making stuff up. what was your answer? >> because the dog get lazy and tired. they lay on the deck. >> i should mention ken disnot with us. he is back in the studio. i suspect you will see him later. no, it comes from ancient times with the con tell layings. sirius, the dog star, used to -- well it still appears in the sky during this time of year and sirius was thought to control heat back then. so right around this time of year whenever they would see sirius, that is what would get super hot. it became knowns athe dog days of summer. >> fascinating. >> roughly seeking the dog days of summer go from jewel 4th so starting tomorrow although this summer it started a couple of
6:50 am
weeks ago through august 4th -- july 24th so starting tomorrow through august 4th. if you have a we, you would like answered, go to and click on ask the weather guys. >> good question. let's tews it to lauren demarco. she has latest with our traffic. no traffic up here in poolesville. >> no things look very good out of 270 as you head unbound. thank you for that. we do have an accident 7 eastbound out of sterling. you want to stay to the left to get past that. we do have some tea lays through woodbridge and 395 slows briefly getting across the 14th street bridge. as you head unbound on new york avenue, bladensburg road, things look pretty good here, usual volume we are dealing with. we do have a bit of aslow downapproaching first street. traveling the -- we do have i bit of a slowdown approaching
6:51 am
first street. here we are getting past colesville road. things look pretty good here but just watch for delays off and on as you head through. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> condition did i isn't here i am starting to feel a little bit. we've got some supports out here with us today. >> i fine gentleman came out. he brought these treats for kennedy but we've got a bunch of dog out here. this is theo. so one of the fine dog spending the morning with us. i guess you miss kennedy. you know. we miss him here. >> he is looking for him. >> thank you so much. >> and we'll take these back to kennedy. >> yes, we will. we'll make sure that kennedy is well fed and taken care of. >> theo has his eyes on it right now. we'll see what happens. we'll check some with gurvir. she is over at the onpoole house and has a look at the history but some of the history
6:52 am
of the structures that are still around. >> this was an original sketch that was drown during the civil war of the encampment here in poolesville. right here is where we are this morning. we are at the john poole house and growing shore retired and knows all about this. there is a ton of history here and you've got your metal detector out. you have been doing awe lot of digging around. talk about some of the things that you found. >> this is a six pound cannon
6:53 am
ball, a solid shot cannon ball and u.s. belt burqales. breastplates with the eagle on it. >> these are union? >> these are all union artifacts. only one is this one here which is a confederate button here. the town of poolesville was occupied by the union army very early in the war. and one thing that set up this area to be pro-south was because of the location with the river, the c&o canal and this was all agricultural farming area. >> it was such a rich history of the c&o canal there as far as trade goes and you could move supplies up and down the river. all of that changed with the advent of the railroad up in baltimore. but when it comes to why poolesville played such a rich and important role during the civil war, you would automatically think this had to be a run town. >> wrong. mainly the bend in the river.
6:54 am
the river very the potomac river takes a bend and in that bend, there is four, five crossings. >> right. >> so everybody here was connected to liesburg and the south and with trade and all that type of things so the union very early in the war sent about 12,000 soldiers up here under general stone and they also had thatdeus who had the hot air balloons. they crossed four regiment across the river and unknown to them, this thought they were going to go over there and win a battle. the confederates were waiting for them in the woods. colonel baker who was actually in charge of the battle was shot and killed and they recovered his body and brought it back. >> this is really an occupied town, wasn't it? >> when people come to the john
6:55 am
poole house because people can come here. they can see the artifacts and some of the pictures of some of the soldiers that fought during the war. can you still walk around with the metal detector and find things. >> some days if you are alucky. one of the persons that -- some days if you are lucky. one of the westerns that formed the group was elijah white. he got a group of poolesville citizens who formed a cavalry group. one of the ways, the confederate cavalry came in and captured soldiers who were at the church and walked them down to the crossing and released them. it was a big deal here being occupied all through the civil war by union troops. >> that is why a lot of people who called it treasonous
6:56 am
because there were a lot of confederate sympathizers here. >> very interesting. thank you for coming out and joining us. i encourage you to come on out and tax a peek for yourself. >> it looks great. we would though do that. >> thank you so much. our hometown fridays tour continues. this week we are happy to be in poolesville being maryland. -- we would love to do that. >> coming up at 7:00 as we continue our coverage from poolesville being we'll talk about what it takes to run a town that is as unique as poolesville. a small town here in the suburbs of washington. we'll talk about the creative twist that some of the citizens put on an old bank building. that is all coming up as fox 5 morning news continues on this hometown friday from poolesville, maryland. and america needs jobs.
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